Coraline, YB Advent 2024 (Early bird pricing ends June 30)



Coraline! Welcome to the Yarn Baby 2024 advent theme!

Neil Gaiman, one of my favorite authors, started writing Coraline in 1990. It wasn't published until 2002. Coraline is a labeled as a children's horror novel. Yes, you read that right -- horror...for children. Gaiman was having a hard time getting anyone to publish this book and a publisher gave a copy to his daughter to see if it was too scary. As she was reading it, she repeatedly said it wasn't too scary. She later confessed that the book WAS scary, but she didn't want her dad to take it away from her -- she wanted to finish it!

The book was adapted as a stop-motion animated film in 2009. The movie poster is the color inspiration for this year's advent. Are you drooling yet?

Here's the details:
Each order will include 24 LUXURY DK weight mini skeins; 80% EXTRA fine sw merino/10% CASHMERE, 10% recycled nylon. Each mini is 49 yards - twice as big as last year. I am undecided about the delivery system...small paper bags in a box like past years? Little canvas bags hung from a rope? A reusable box with 24 small compartments? That part is undecided...

International orders will ship in early October. Domestic orders will ship in late October/early November. After that, send some positive shipping vibes to the USPS and UPS worker bees and cross your fingers that your order will arrive before December 1st.

**NOTE: For shipping purposes, please do NOT order an advent calendar(s) along with other skeins currently listed--place a separate order for that. These calendars will not ship until late fall and will ship on their own. All other orders will ship within 1-2 business days.

Thank you!


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