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While rinsing these hankies after dyeing them, they did get all gnarly. Many of them are no longer in a square shape and are more like a blob of silky goodness. But also -- the colors are gorgeous.

Hand-dyed silk hankies! A long time ago I used to dye silk hankies. Back then I used to spin yarn pretty regularly. These make the most dreamy yarn! I found a whole undyed pack of hankies the other day, so I dyed a few to see if there is any interest in adding these to my shop.

What can you do/make with silk hankies? (See my demo on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and/or YouTube). You can stretch them out (attenuate them) and spin them with a spindle, or a spinning wheel. Or, you don't even need to spin them, you can stretch/pull them as thin as you'd like and start knitting/crocheting directly from the hankie. You can use them for wet felting projects as well, like soap, and/or needle felting. I think these would be great for crocheting or knitting jewelry like earrings and necklaces.

Colors: neon purple, yellow, pink, teal, blended green, orange